A Way for Patients with Ulcers Can Fast Comfortably

patients with ulcers can fasting

Patients with ulcers can still perform fasting comfortably if you want to follow the medical advice provided by the medical party. Changes in dietary habit will certainly affect the disease suffered, from the original three times a day to only two times. That is in the night only.

Stomach acid will certainly increase during the day and can trigger inflammation or ulcers or dyspepsia. Common symptoms of early recurrence of ulcer disease are nausea, vomiting, bloating, and stinging in the stomach

Reported by hellodoktor page, here are tips for fasting can be smooth and comfortable for patients with ulcers =

Selection of slowly digested foods.

Foods that are slowly digested are very helpful for ulcer patients who want to fast. The long digestive process would make the body does not get quickly hungry and weak. Long absorption also makes energy reserves continue to exist. The stomach does not become quickly empty, and the stomach acid is not excessive. For example dates, oatmeal, almonds, bananas, potatoes.

Avoid eating fried foods, you should eat foods that are boiled or burned only. Fruits and vegetables that produce gas should also be avoided, such as durian and jackfruit. Do not eat spicy food at dawn or break.

Drinking enough water.

Avoid drinks containing caffeine such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, or energy drinks. Water consumption is recommended, with sufficient quantities. Fruit juice is also recommended, as long as it does not contain excessive acids.

Eating foods that are safe for the stomach is highly recommended, with small amounts but often. Do it after dinner, before bed, and before dawn. Avoid chocolate, fried foods, acidic foods, spicy foods, and that stimulates the stomach to produce excess acid.

Lastly, do not stress because the ulcer is more often triggered by excessive stress. May be useful.


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