Health Risks If Breaking Fast and Then Immediately Smoking

breaking fast then smoking

Some smokers who are fasting sometimes think when breaking the fast is the right time to return to enjoy a cigarette. And that’s not healthy habits you know.

After breaking the fast and then immediately smoking can aggravate the negative effects of smoking for your health. Why? The following explanation as reported by page =

The content of harmful chemicals, as well as toxins in cigarettes are already known to be harmful to health. Some types of toxins are carbon monoxide, nicotine, and tar.

When the stomach is empty for hours because it is fasting, the chemicals will give more severe effects if entering your body through the respiratory system.

Carbon monoxide poison.

The effect of this substance if it goes into the bloodstream, will lower the oxygen levels in your blood. Though oxygen is a living substance for all cells and organs of your own body. The body will feel faster tired, dizzy, tired too.

Carbon monoxide will decrease the function of muscle and heart, which is in dire need of oxygen flow. The result is that the blood vessels become easily hardened and stiff caused by plaque, so it is not elastic anymore. The risk of heart disease and stroke will also be greater.

Nicotine poison.

This poison will be absorbed faster if the stomach condition is empty and weak or less energy. As a result, your lungs are at greater risk of developing cancer.

Other adverse effects of nicotine are increased blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, narrowing of blood vessels, even leading to heart attacks.

It would be nice if fasting that has been all day you live, continued by breaking using a dish that is healthy and kosher. If you can refrain from cigarettes for a dozen hours, of course, you can also stop the habit so on.


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