6 Unexpected Headache Triggers

unexpected headache triggers

Do you often get headaches? The daily routine could be the cause. Unconsciously, lifestyle and the objects around us are some of the many factors that can lead to headaches. Most of us do not think of things like telephones or chair, it can be a headache trigger. Fortunately, most of the unexpected headache triggers as this can be easily overcome. There are six possible headache triggers that we never thought before. What is it? Check out the review below.

Simple Things That Can Trigger Headaches =

  1. Phone.
    Put the cell phone between your ear and shoulder for a call that lasts more than a few minutes can cause strain on your neck. This will lead to headaches. To avoid tension in the neck, use a headset or switch using the speaker whenever possible.
  2. Chair.
    Chair turns can also be able to be a trigger of headaches. If you use a chair that is too large, then it cannot support your back properly, which in turn will lead to tension and headaches. Therefore, look for the right chair, comfortable, and can support your back properly.
  3. Coffee.
    Coffee consumption can indeed provide health benefits for the body. However, when consuming excessively every day, then you will risk getting a headache. Therefore, consume coffee as directed and not excessive. If you feel excessive coffee consumption, reduce consumption gradually until it reaches just one cup of coffee each day.
  4. Computer.
    Spent a lot of time in front of a computer screen or laptop can cause strain on the eyes and can indirectly cause headaches. A simple way to solve it is to rest the eyes every once in a while some time (hours/minutes). At that moment, turn away from the computer screen and focus on an object that is located about 20 meters from your position.
  5. Lazy Sunday.
    Not a few people are lazing on a Sunday with waking up more late than usual. Wake up more late than usual can throw the brain chemical levels that can trigger a migraine. Therefore, at the weekend, get up as usual days.
  6. Bag.
    Carrying a heavy bag, filled with goods, can cause pain in the neck and head. Therefore, please bring necessary items in your bag. If not possible and you have to carry quite a lot, divide the most goods to other small bags that can be carried by hand (not the shoulder only).
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