Some of the Best Supplements for Hair Growth You Can Consider Taking

best supplements for hair growth

Finding the best supplements for hair growth might be your next big mission in life as you continue to lose hair. The hair loss is probably so rapid that it causes you to stress out. Well, the first thing you need to do is to stop stressing out as stress is a known cause for hair loss.

Beyond that, the primary and secondary causes for hair loss are of wide spectrums. It may have something to do with your family; thin hair has always run in your family, genetically speaking. It could be something to do as you get older. As you get older, not only your body ages, your hair undergoes the same process as well.

Physical trick such as backcombing or using volumizers can only last for so long until the tricks lose their effect and you end up being where you started. Resorting to supplements, therefore, is regarded as the better way to counter hair loss as the boost your hair gets stems from inside your body.

Experts even recommend taking vitamins along with supplements to increase the chance of getting the best results. So, do supplements really work? If they do, what supplements to take, then?

Below are recommended best supplements for hair growth you can try to take today =

  1. Viviscal.
    Vivisical is a product of Scandinavian origin. The ingredient this supplement uses includes: fish protein, vitamin C, and silica (an extract of horsetail plant). A famous dermatologist in NYC and a celebrity hairstylist recommend this supplement for its effective work and results.
  2. Biotin.
    Biotin is a member of B complex vitamin group. Apparent results may appear in improved hair growth and repairing brittle nails. The vitamin is water-soluble; your body can easily dispose of excess intakes. Plus, consuming biotin has no adverse effects on your body so, really, you could never go wrong by taking it.
  3. Vitamin D.
    Vitamin D plays an important role in helping with a lot of bodily functions. Primarily, it is involved in absorption of calcium. The same receptor of vitamin D is also involved in hair cycle. You should take vitamin D supplements only if you are low in it. While experts are still unsure of how vitamin D affects your body, you can still benefit from consuming it regularly, especially if you wear sunscreen so much, which makes it hard to supply your body with enough of it.
  4. Extract of Saw Palmetto.
    The remedy is derived from American dwarf pine’s fruit to boost hair growth.
  5. Vitamin A.
    Vitamin A is rich in antioxidants and is generally advantageous for skin and, by extension, hair. But overconsumption may lead to liver defect and varieties other disorders, including hair loss itself.

Other vitamins such as B6, B12, and folate are beneficial in that they help with formation of blood cells. Blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients to supply the hair. Proteins, meanwhile, provide structure for the hair. However, it doesn’t matter how much of the best supplements for hair growth you take, if you don’t maintain good diet, they will all go to waste eventually.


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