Ice Cream for Diabetics: Does Such a Thing even Exist?

ice cream for diabetics

It is understandable that you think that ice cream is the type of snacks that are off-limit for diabetics. In fact, you probably assume that any kind of snacks is banned at all from consumption for diabetics. However, ice cream for diabetics is not at all a thing of forbidden nature. The reason behind this assumption seems to stem from the fact that people with diabetes are defaulted to a strict dietary regimen. Adding ice cream to that meal plan should nudge the stability off-track and causes blood sugar level to rise up.

See? The assumption is a logical effect of having diabetes but as logical as it may seem, banning ice cream or other snacks altogether means that you are forbidding yourself from enjoying what little happiness left to take in from life. If you are one of those who agree with this premise, chances are you probably have looked into what options you have in hand. And odds are, you have seen ice cream products advertised as having no sugar contents. Now, don’t be so quick to grab the package and bring it home. “No sugar added” is a marketing label that bears little to no truth to it.

Some ice cream for diabetics having labeled as no-sugar are, in truth, rich in lactose – which is actually another disguise for sugar, except it occurs naturally. Milk, the base ingredient used in the making of ice cream is, as matter of fact, composed of lactose. So, really, finding ice cream that is totally free of sugar is a waste of time as you might be better off without getting any. And if you think that resorting to ice cream that uses sugar substitutes is a wise action, think again. They are rich in carbohydrates – which are also a sugar – making it pointless to begin. You may as well drink a glass full of sweetened milk as it is.

Does this mean that ice cream for diabetics is just an abstract idea? Well, that never is the case, to boot. It is not that you, a diabetic, are not allowed to have ice cream – even the regular, sweet one. It is that you need to be mindful about it. Being a diabetic, you must have received some sort of guide from your doctors about what to take daily and how much of it to take. If you are a diabetic, you are advised to take 40 to 60 grams of carb per day. Now, these are the numbers you have to use as a target.

As ice cream is sweet, you need to count the product’s carb content first. Compare the number to that of the amount of carb you have taken for the day. If there is still remaining room to occupy, you can have the ice cream, just as long as the total amount of carb for the day doesn’t exceed that of the target. If it’s the other way around, you can forgo having ice cream today and wait for tomorrow to come.


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