Often Watching Animated Movies Make Babies Slow to Talk

watching animated movies

If you often let the baby watch animated movies on television or smartphone, you should either reduce the habit or avoid it altogether. The bad effect of it is that your baby will be late to talk.

Launched by the Todaysparent page, animated films for babies and toddlers are designed in attractive colors and songs for kids to get attracted and distracted attention. No wonder parents often silent the baby who was crying by showing the video.

According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the SickKids City of Toronto, the more often the baby sees animated films on the gadget then the more likely they are to experience delays to be able to speak.

The study involved 900 infants with an age range of 6 months – 2 years. As many as 20% of normal babies watch animated movies for at least 28 minutes per day.

The findings from the researchers showed that babies who watched an average of 30 minutes per day would be 49% susceptible to expressive speech delays.

From the results of the research, the team The Canadian Pediatric Society recommends that parents do not often let their children watch animated films.

It is better if the baby is left to interact with relatives or friends rather than watching animated movies from gadgets. The bad effects of infants and toddlers who watch animated movies and play the gadget are bigger for their life.


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