Pare or Bitter Melon Juice, Effective & Unique Skin Diseases Medicine

pare or bitter melon juice

Some skin diseases that should be treated with different types of ointments or medications, can you try to overcome with one of these herbal ingredients, pare or bitter melon. Vegetables that have a bitter taste contains enough properties for skin health you know.

Its natural active ingredients are antibacterial, so it is believed to be able to help cure the following common skin problems suffered by humans. What are the benefits of pare or bitter melon for skin health, the following information as reported by Boldsky page =

  1. Itchy.
    Itching can be caused by many causes. If the itch that you suffer from inflammation, then try to make potion juice pare, plus turmeric powder and aloe vera that skin has been removed. Apply on the skin itch and inflamed and let stand up to 10-20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  2. The skin is clean and white.
    Pare juice can help clean the dirt and dead skin cells that pinned in the pores. Way, apply on the skin with a light massage. The entire body that has been given a pare juice scrub can be rinsed with clean water then. Feel the freshness and cleanliness.
  3. Acne.
    The presence of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents in pare juice helps treat inflamed acne. Put the pare juice mixed with a little yogurt on the face of the acne, then let stand a moment. Rinse afterward.
  4. Treat a red rash.
    Pare also contains healthy fiber and protein in small amounts. It helps overcome the red and hot rashes on the skin surface. Way, poached pare that has been cut into pieces, then take water that has been greenish. Rinse on the surface of the skin, and allow a few moments to permeate. Clean then.
  5. Treat irritation.
    The skin can become irritated, dry and itchy. Use a pare juice mask to ease the problem.

Regular therapy with consumption and external use will give better results. May be useful.


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