6 Bad Effects of Drinking While Standing

drinking while standing

Drinking while standing is not recommended, should even be avoided. The best position if you want to drink is while sitting quietly. Of course, there is a reason behind the suggestion to do so.

Well, here’s the explanation of why drinking while standing can cause bad for your own health. Check out the information as reported by Vemale page =

  1. The risk of arthritis.
    How come? Reported by the page wellordie.com, water that goes into the digestion when we stand, even make the balance of body fluids disrupted. There will be fluid buildup in some joints in the body, thus triggering inflammation or pain in the joints. Some other possibilities are swollen joints, stiff and difficult to move. It’s known as arthritis.
  2. Digestion is disturbed.
    Digestion that receives drinks in a standing position, its work can be disrupted. Even in the long run can damage the abdominal wall and gastrointestinal tract. If the position to drink while sitting, then the abdominal muscles and digestion are relaxed. The incoming water is absorbed easily.
  3. Thirst is hard to disappear.
    Drinking while standing will make the thirst difficult to disappear because the absorption of water does not work well. There is even a stomach can suddenly sick.
  4. The kidneys are less than optimal to filter water.
    The kidney in charge of filtering water entering the body, less than optimal in working if you drink standing.
  5. Cannot dilute acid levels.
    The standing position while drinking also interferes with the dilution process of acid levels in the body. Ideally drinking water that is enjoyed while sitting can slowly adjust the body’s needs for various things, including diluting the acid levels in the blood.
  6. Heartburn.
    Water that enters simultaneously into the stomach without filtering from the sphincter (the muscle that works closing or opening in the throat) can trigger heartburn, as it directly enters the stomach. The contents of the stomach can be turned back up the throat again bring stomach acid that causes heat. It was one of the triggers of GERD.

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