To Keep the Fasting Time Remain Fresh Don’t Drink Tea at Dawn

drink tea at dawn

Soon the month of Ramadan or the month of fasting will come soon. You certainly want to run it well and smoothly to the end, is not it? But remember, even in fasting conditions, but the body must be kept fresh. How? Do not drink tea at dawn.

Drinking tea causes the body to be not fresh or even dehydrated when fasting. It has been widely justified by nutritionists and health experts, one of whom is a specialist nutritionist, dr. Marya Haryono, M.Gizi, SpGK.

Drinking tea at dawn will actually trigger you to be thirsty faster because of the tea cause diuretic effects. That is the effect that triggers you frequent urination.

“Diuretics means excessive and rapid discharge from the body. If our fluids disappear quickly and many from the body, this triggers the thirst,” explained Marya as reported by page.

If at dawn you drink tea, before noon you will often urinate and can cause the body less fluid. That is certainly not beneficial for health and fitness during fasting.

In addition, dr. Marya recommends drinking tea while breaking the fast, that too in a small portion.

“So consume tea there is a limit. If you want to get the benefits, just one to two cups after breaking the fast,” she said.

It is recommended to increase drinking warm water or fruit juice during the meal to keep the body fresh and not dehydrated.


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