Way to Drink Coffee Like This Can Make Quickly Die

way to drink coffee

At a safe dose, caffeine can provide benefits to the body. For example, restore concentration and make the eyes more awake. But the consumption of caffeinated beverages in large quantities – let alone fulfilled in a short time – would potentially kill someone quickly.

According to information from the European Food Safety Authority released in 2015 states that a person is in a less stable body state when in their body there are more than 400 milligrams of caffeine. With the dose will increase the heart rate, hypertension, irregular heart rhythm, tremor, anxiety, insomnia, to experience panic.

Drink caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea, and so on, should be done with controlled every day. Drinking a few cups of coffee gradually in one day is still fairly safe. But if caffeine drinks are consumed in large quantities in a short time – about an hour – will endanger life because the side effects appear very quickly.

Caffeine will simulate the central nervous system in just a few minutes. Then, the body immediately increases alertness and drowsiness decreases. Other side effects such as rapid heartbeat or anxiety, come along. And, the body takes hours to dampen the effects of caffeine.

Therefore, do not get a caffeine overdose even very fond of coffee or other caffeine drinks. Storing large amounts of caffeine in the body in a short time may cause sudden death, even if a person does not have a history of heart disease before.

Some time ago, an American teenager named Davis Allan Cripe died after consuming three types of caffeinated beverages with large doses. He drinks MacDonald’s latte coffee, a large quantity of Mountain Dew soft drink, and energy drinks. All that was spent in just two hours. Davis suddenly passed out and died after consuming all the drinks.

In addition to adolescents and children, caffeinated drinks are not recommended given to pregnant women and toddlers. The fewer doses of caffeine in the body then it’s better.


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