6 Benefits of Drinking Rice Water, Simple But Make Healthy

benefits of drinking rice water

Rice water or commonly called tajin water in Indonesia, it has useful benefits for health. Although simple and often underestimated, drinking rice water can be a solution for those of you who experience some health problems.

It is more advisable to make rice water from organic rice or brown rice. But if you do not have, then ordinary rice is okay.

There are beneficial substances such as glucose, polyglucose, magnesium, calcium, and proteins that support the body’s needs. Here are some benefits of tajin water or rice water that you can take, as reported by Boldsky page =

  1. For diet.
    Glucose content is not as high as rice, so you who are on a diet program may drink it without fear of fat. But remember, do not overeat after drinking rice water.
  2. Keep cholesterol.
    No need to fear your cholesterol level increases, because rice water does not contain bad fats. In fact, it can stabilize high cholesterol.
  3. Immunity.
    Minerals, vitamins, and fiber in rice water, especially in brown rice and organic rice, can boost your immunity.
  4. Heart healthy.
    Heart health can be maintained well if regularly consumed this rice water because there are magnesium and vitamin E in it.
  5. Ulcer.
    For patients with stomach acid and ulcers, drink twice a day to be healthier and not relapse continuously.
  6. Burns.
    If you have burns, apply rice water that has been cold to the surface of your skin, so that burns immediately dry. May be useful.

How to make rice water is: boiled water as necessary. Meanwhile, wash 1-2 handful rice. Once the water is boiling, put rice, stir. Allow approximately 2-4 minutes, and turn off the fire. Let stand for a while until warm, then take the water and can be consumed.


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