Chinese Teak Tea Leaves Make Body Fat Quickly Reduced

chinese teak tea leaves

Chinese teak tea leaves are considered capable of helping to lose weight quickly and reduce body fat. This herbal ingredient was booming and sought by among mothers who suffer from obesity or feel overweight.

Although it tastes bitter, Chinese teak tea leaves are still drunk in the hope that fat accumulates under the skin can be wasted through the dirt and urine. Is that right?

Page mentioned that Chinese teak tea leaves contain a substance called sennosida. This is what keeps the drinkers going back and forth to defecate because sennosides irritate the inner lining of the intestine.

This effect is actually worrying because it can interfere with digestive function. It functions more like a laxative that will drain the intestinal contents of the person who drinks it.

Therefore, doctors do not recommend taking this herb in the long term or more than two weeks. Consumption per day is also limited to only 8.5 mg once drinking, maximum twice morning and evening.

Effects such as laxatives are believed by the drinker, able to lose weight and remove fat under the skin. But if consumed not with the right dose, the risks or adverse effects must exist and disrupt health.

Therefore, you alone can determine whether to continue using Chinese teak tea leaves as a slimming medicine or choose to limit the intake of food to lose weight.


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