Bad Effects Too Long Sitting, Face Looks Older 8 Years

bad effects too long sitting

Office workers cannot be separated from long sitting activities. Although there are many studies that reveal the bad effects of sitting too long in front of the work table, but there is one more that is hated by women, namely premature aging. This was revealed by a recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Quoted by the Health page, if a person performs a routine sitting over 7 hours per day, then there will be detrimental effects of cells on the biological level.

Studies conducted by scientists from the University of California San Diego named Aladdin Shadyab, doctor of family and community health, found a chromosome change in people who rarely do activities and more sitting.

From the 1,500 people in the study on the chronic diseases experienced by postmenopausal women, it was revealed that a part of DNA called telemore, located at the end of a solid DNA set and present in every cell, undergoes change.

Telemore people who do a lot of physical activity was not much change and the size shortening. In contrast to people who lack activity and more sitting, then there is a change in telemore with the shorter size.

Indeed as the cell grows and ages, the telemore will decrease gradually in size. It can be concluded that telemore length describes how old a person’s age.

But from the results of research, telemore belongs to people who sit longer, and less activity was shorter or interpreted older than their actual age. That’s when compared with the telemore of people who exercise 30 minutes per day and not much time to sit.

The apparent aging is even eight years old, so it is quite worrying. Researchers concluded that physical activity could prevent premature aging and decrease telemore length of a person.


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