5 Things That Should Not Be Done After Eating

should not be done after eating

Eating is the thing that is done every day, so many people are ignorant with the correct procedure while performing the process. Though there is a need to be considered and avoided when doing these routines to keep the body healthy.

Have you ever eaten while in a hurry to walk, or eat without regard to nutritional value, and such activities? We recommend that from now on you are more attention to the food that goes into the body and the process.

Once you have finished eating, there are some activities that should not be done if referring to health procedures. What’s the reason these activities are prohibited? The Bright Side page launches it as follows =

  1. Bath.
    After eating and then taking a bath, it is actually forbidden. The reason: after eating generally body temperature will rise to help the process of digestion. While the bath makes body temperature decreased. It inhibits the digestive and metabolic processes of the body. Instead, if you want to take a shower then a 30 minutes after eating.
  2. Drinking tea.
    It is also unhealthy habits in the health view. The reason: tea inhibits the absorption of iron and some minerals that are present in food. As a result, you will experience the lack of some of these substances because it cannot be absorbed by the body.
  3. Sleep.
    After eating, immediately sleep is also not healthy. The reason: You can experience heartburn or heat in the chest because of rising stomach acid to the chest. This habit is proven to trigger a stroke. Sleep 2 hours after eating, to be safe and healthier.
  4. Exercise.
    Sports activities are healthy if done not after meals. The reason: according to experts, the ongoing digestive process makes you at risk of nausea, vomiting, convulsions, or trauma. Or do light exercise like walking, it’s safer.
  5. Cigarettes.
    Smoking after meals is also often done by men. But it is not something that is recommended because it can trigger the nicotine toxin absorbed twice as much. Tobacco also inhibits the absorption of certain types of vitamins and minerals in foods, namely calcium, vitamin C and vitamin D.

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