Stomach Rumbling Sound is a Sign of Hunger, Don’t Be Ignored

stomach rumbling sound

The human body has a unique way of working. In certain circumstances, the brain gives commands on certain body parts as a signal of a problem. For example, when people are hungry, there are some unusual signs. For example, the feeling of weakness, headache, until the limbs tremble (tremor). And, there is one more characteristic when hungry is the stomach that gives off the distinctive sound.

Well, the sound of rumbling from the stomach must be understood. Because the sound is a sign that the body has decreased blood sugar levels. In addition, in an empty stomach, it contains a lot of gas moving in the intestine back and forth. As a result, there was a voice that appeared many times until the stomach filled with food.

If the hungry stomach is not filled with food, then the sound is getting louder. Quoted from the Okezone page, the process of signaling by the body when the empty stomach is called migrating motor complex (MMC). And, this sounds a warning to a person that their stomach and intestines need food intake.

When MMC occurs, receptors scattered in the stomach wall generate a wave of electrical activity and to simulate the occurrence of hunger. We recommend paying attention to the symptoms of this MMC because if ignored then it will bring unpleasant effects such as nausea, vomiting, to indigestion. Severe indigestion due to empty stomach for too long is an ulcer, acid reflux, gastric irritation, and so on.



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