Important, First Aid If Stung by a Bee

first aid stung by bee

Stung by bees is unexpected accidents that can be fatal. For people who have allergies to animals, the shock can cause severe trauma. So it should not be underestimated because treating the right way would have been better.

However, you should not panic and should remain calm. First aid will be given if you can think clearly, is not it?

If one of the family members is stung by a bee, then look at the wound. Try to take the sting of the bees stuck in the skin. The stinging bee will surely leave the sting needle in the victim’s body.

Reported by page, removing the sting needle will stop the channeling into the body of the victim. Usually, the skin will be instantly inflamed, swollen and red because it is exposed to bee venom.

Use tweezers, if the hand cannot reach the sting needle.

Afterward, wash the wound and skin surface with water and soap, compress the wound with cold water to reduce inflammation and pain.

Then make a mixture of baking soda and water, then apply on the surface of the wound. Or it can also be given a spread of cream containing diphenhydramine or klorfeniramin maleat.

For Indonesia, most people apply wasp oil to the surface of stinging wounds. It also helps to heal and reduces inflammation.

Another effect if you are a sensitive person with an insect animal, it will feel itchy, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, even to shortness of breath. Call your doctor immediately if that happens. May be useful.


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