3 Bad Effects Consume a Lot of Salt in Food

bad effects consume salt

Salt gives a taste of salty and savory which of course makes the cuisine becomes more delicious. But do not over-consume these minerals, because surely there is a bad side that will be generated.

Could one type of cuisine will not affect your health, but in a day you not only consume one type of food is not it? There are various foods that secretly contain salt too. This is dangerous if it is accumulated every day.

So what are the bad effects of giving a lot of salt in cooking? The Boldsky page launches it as follows =

  1. High blood pressure.
    High blood pressure or hypertension is a disease that triggers the emergence of other types of diseases, such as stroke, heart disease, and obesity. These reasons make hypertensive patients generally undergo a low-salt diet.
  2. The mouth is dry and thirsty.
    Dry mouth conditions due to saliva do not produce normally, also the endless thirst is another bad effect of excessive salt intake.
  3. Dizzy.
    Dizziness and headaches are also another immediate effects that can be felt when you eat excessive salty food. This is triggered by the rise in blood pressure so that the blood vessels in the head experience tension.

So, prevention is always better than cure. Reducing the salt dose for cooking and food is definitely safer, and healthier is not it? And remember to drink enough water in the portion so that the bad effects of excessive salt consumption can be reduced. May be useful.


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