Effects on Your Body If Often Holding Fart

effects often holding fart

It’s no secret that for some reason, people often hold fart to keep it out. Is it because being in public, afraid of smell or heard by others, praying, and other reasons. According to health experts, the habit of holding the fart is not a recommended thing.

Lisa Ganjhu, DO from NYU Langone Medical Center explains that the body’s natural process for releasing gas is by belching and farting. If these two processes are held or cannot take place naturally, then you will feel discomfort in the stomach.

According to Lisa, if you hold for a while it is not harmful to health. It’s just that you can experience bloating due to gas that converges in the digestive tract.

“There will be discomfort in the stomach because the excess gas is not released, such as bloating,” she said as quoted by Men’s Health page.

Generally, someone will fart and burp as much as 10-20 times per day. This is sometimes unnoticed, but the natural process is a sign that the digestive system is running normally.

If you are experiencing a disturbance in the colon, there will be a back impulse of the intestinal muscles so that air will go back into the digestive tract.

“Severe cases such as disorders of the colon are rare. Generally, the effect that occurs is a back air push and trigger bloating.”

To keep the colon and digestion in general stay healthy then do not hold your fart and belch. You can momentarily ask permission to go to a lonely place or toilets and do it there comfortably.

To prevent the stomach is not easy to bloat, avoid foods and soft drinks also dairy products. May be useful.


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