Children Should Not Be Given Tea, This is the Reason

children should not be given tea

We recommend that children are not given tea, let alone a toddler. It is often not known by parents so that these drinks nearly every day served for their children.

The main reason why children should be avoided from tea and also coffee is its caffeine content. It affects the central nervous system and will make children addicted.

In a cup of tea, there is enough caffeine to make the child affected, and make it addictive. Advice from the American Academy of Pediatricsm, the maximum amount of caffeine that enters the body is as follows =

For ages 4-6 years is 5 mg, while the age of 7-9 years is 62.5 mg and children aged 10-12 years maximum 85 mg per day.

If excessive, the following health effects will be experienced by children =

  1. Sleep disturbance.
    Reported by the page Bumpsnbaby, Tuesday (24/1/2017), children will experience sleep disorders such as insomnia, anxiety during sleep, easy wake up. This is the result of caffeine that affects their blood pressure. Another effect is the child becomes hyperactive, and easily anxious.
  2. Not nutritious.
    Tea is not nutritious, whereas children need a lot of nutrition in their age. Better to give milk, or fruit juice and orange juice to children than tea.
  3. High sugar.
    Make a tea must use enough sugar in the amount. This is not good for their health, triggering diabetes, tooth decay, and obesity.
  4. Diuretics.
    Tea has a diuretic effect or triggers a child to urinate frequently. It is also not good because if the child is not drinking, it can cause dehydration. Frequent urine also makes the calcium in the body dissolves.
  5. Calcium is reduced.
    Caffeine in drinks can undermine calcium in the body. The mineral is then thrown through the urine. Though children need a lot of calcium in its development.

Well, tea is not good for children, so should not give to them.


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