Factors That Can Trigger Premature Babies

factors trigger premature babies

The birth of premature babies occurs not without cause. There are several factors that trigger a fetus born before enough time from within the mother’s womb. Data from WHO noted in 2013, approximately 1.5 million babies born before 9 months.

Indonesia itself is ranked in 5 countries with the birth of most premature babies in the world. What is the common cause so it can happen like that? The family.fimela.com page launches it as follows =

Birth is called premature if the age has not yet reached the 37th week. Generally, three weeks before the day of birth, the baby is born.

The trigger factor is if the previous mother had pregnant twin fetus. Or the distance between the previous pregnant with the current less than six months. It could also be the result of the previous mother’s miscarriage, and have repeated abortions.

In addition, other factors can be caused by smoking habits in mothers, using drugs, severe stress, trauma, and the rest of unknown causes.

Premature babies are very susceptible to complications because the vital organs are not yet perfectly formed. Especially the baby’s lungs, which is very important for the process of breathing.

Therefore, the baby should be given breathing apparatus for some time while waiting for the process of perfecting the formation of organs.

Premature babies are also susceptible to natural problems of the heart, digestive system, metabolism, and weak immune system. For the long term, cognitive development of infants may be affected. It includes behavior, psychology, hearing, and eyesight.

To speed up infant recovery, then contact with mother’s skin or father needs to be done routinely. This is even more effective than putting in the incubator, according to the expert. The effect is the baby’s breathing is more regular, calm, normal body temperature, stable sugar levels, and faster development. May be useful.


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