Facts That Occur in the Eye Because of Blinking

facts in the eye because of blinking

Blinking is the body’s natural response that has many benefits. Blinking will automatically be done by the eyelid in a few seconds. As soon as the eyelids close, the eyeball is immediately wetted by the natural fluid. This keeps away from dry eyes that can damage eyesight.

In addition, blinking makes a person’s vision much more stable. One of them, the brain will maintain the focus of the eye when looking at an object. The focus does not decrease with the blink. Well, there is also a series of interesting facts related to blinking activity. For example, like the following quoted from page Merdeka from Daily Mail =

The eyeball will go into the socket while blinking.
The eyeball moves around in the eye socket. Eyeball movement is not in the same place always. Uniquely, although such eyeball maneuvers, but the eyesight can still focus.

The position of the eye does not return to its original position after blinking.
Because the eye muscles are slow to work and not precision. But this does not need to worry because that’s how the eyeball movement. Consequently, the brain requires adaptation of motor signals to keep the eye in the right position.

The brain always responds to the blink by improving the position of the eyeball.
Actually, with eyeball maneuvers that movements are not known, can make eyes unfocused and pupils wide open. It’s just the brain responds to it by re-activating the eye muscles that work less fit. Thus the brain helps to position the eye in its optimal position and make the vision stay focused. And, the brain can adapt to changes in the eye quickly and constantly. If the cooperation between the eyes with the brain is impaired, then the vision becomes blurred and dark. People who are not familiar with the condition will have difficulty determining the direction.


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