6 Reasons Women Need More Sleep Time Than Men

women need more sleep time

Sleep time or rest time required by women more than men. At least give an extra 20 minutes more for your wife or mother to rest per day, as they experience more tension and busyness.

At the age between 26-64 years, most women do not have to sleep 7-9 hours each day. While in their teens it takes 9-10 hours to rest and sleep.

The reason is as follows, as reported by Boldsky page for you =

  1. Because a woman is able to do several things in almost the same time (multi-tasking), she spends a lot of energy and thought. Although the task is only in the domestic environment, or even in the office, then it all depletes their energy.
  2. If the woman has entered the age of 40-50s years, then many women sweat out during sleep at night. As a result, many who experience insomnia, and need to sleep substitute during the day.
  3. In adolescence and early adulthood, their menstrual cycle begins, and it makes hormonal changes occur. Hormonal changes are usually followed by changes in the mood, so spend a lot of energy psychically. Stress is often experienced by them and sleep is one of the healing solutions.
  4. Psychological pressure faced by women more than men. It triggers depression and mental fatigue. Sleep is a way to muffle and restore the psychic.
  5. When pregnant is the most difficult time, so women need more rest at that time. There are many changes in their physical and mental, which makes them tired. Let them sleep longer.
  6. The risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and psychological disorders experienced by many women. Sleep and rest can make them calm again. May be useful.

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