7 Things That Can Make Kidney Damaged If Underestimated

kidney damaged

Although the kidney has a small size, but the benefits are felt by everyone. From this organ, a variety of waste until excess body fluids will be discarded. The kidneys also play an important role in blood circulation and regulate their pressure. In addition, the kidneys also affect the bone because it helps its function run more optimally.

But with unhealthy lifestyles, kidney work may decrease. For example, people who have hypertension in the long term can damage the vessels in the kidney area. In terms of food or drink also affect the kidney health. Instant foods or drinks tend to make heavy kidney work.

Quoted from the Okezone page, there are a number of other things that come to make the kidney is not healthy. Including the following =

  1. Rarely drink water.
    The body that rarely gets enough fluid intake makes kidney work harder. If this lasts for a long time, it can damage it and possibly arise deposits of kidney stones.
  2. Holding urine.
    It is not advisable to hold pee. Because the urine stored long enough in the bladder potentially lead to sediment that later petrified. Then become a stone in the urinary tract or kidney. Holding pee also poses a risk of urinary tract infection (UTI).
  3. Excessive consumption of high-protein foods.
    Foods such as meat if consumed too often have a bad effect on the kidneys. The kidneys work harder and make it worse.
  4. Smoking.
    Kidney work to filter toxins from cigarettes is quite heavy. In addition, these toxins also lower the quality of the kidneys and the risk of permanent kidney failure.
  5. Too often consume high salted foods.
    These foods are commonly found in fast food types. The food is not healthy and is often called junk food. The effect on the kidneys is to damage them slowly.
  6. Excess caffeine.
    Drinking coffee should also not be excessive. Caffeine can damage the kidneys when the intake is mostly in the body.
  7. Routine taking analgesic drugs.
    Analgesic drugs or pain relievers should only be consumed when needed alone. Substances in these drugs cause side effects of kidney damage if too often consumed.

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