5 Unexpected Benefits of Earthworms

benefits of earthworms

Often regarded as a disgusting animal, earthworms (Lumbricina) turn out to save a lot of benefits for human life. Not only serves to soothe the soil and fertilize it, in the medical field even worms can be used.

In many studies, it was revealed that the worms have high levels of protein and amino acids. Protein from worms reached 76% which means higher than mammal meat which only 65%, and fish that 50%.

Immune system existing in earthworms are anti-microbial because it is able to kill harmful microbes without damaging body tissues.

Here are the benefits of worms for health, as summarized from various sources =

  1. Treat typhoid.
    Typhus disease is often treated with earthworm extract by a Chinese physician. This disease is triggered by the development of salmonella bacteria, and worms contain anti-bacteria that suppress the growth of bacterial diseases.
  2. Treat diarrhea.
    Diarrhea is also triggered by bad bacteria such as E Coli and shigella that attacks digestion. With the anti-bacterial properties of worms, the disease can be overcome.
  3. Metabolic problems.
    The metabolic problems of the body can cause many diseases. Earthworms contain enzymes, catalysts, and celluloses that serve to improve the human metabolic system.
  4. Heal wounds.
    The content of arachidonic acid substances helps the growth of new cells that accelerate wound healing in the body.
  5. Smooth blood circulation.
    Smooth blood circulation also benefits from worms, because it contains enzymes that can destroy bad cholesterol that clogs blood vessels.

There are still some other benefits of earthworms that you can get to support health. Currently, there are many worm capsules sold in pharmacies, so you do not need to be disgusted when taking them. May be useful.

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