Pain Reliever Ibuprofen Can Trigger Heart Attacks?

pain reliever ibuprofen heart attacks

Generally, painkillers that are widely used in our country is ibuprofen, although there are several other types that are also circulating. Later, a study revealed that this drug if consumed too often then it can lead to increased risk of heart attack.

According to scientists who have published the results of their study in the journal British Medical (BMJ), for example, every week once a person is taking painkillers then the risk of heart attack rose up to 50 percent.

Dr. Mike Knapton from the British Heart Foundation says that it’s good that alternative painkillers should be considered, rather than taking ibuprofen regularly.

“Pain relief medicines such as ibuprofen or others, you should be alert to the risk (heart attack) and consider looking for alternatives,” said Dr. Mike Knapton.

Research on the risk of a type of ibuprofen drug is not the first time it has been done but has previously been tried in Canada, Finland, and Germany. The results are similar, the risk of heart attack in the early weeks of use will increase.

Moreover, in high doses such as 1,200 mg per day, it is forbidden because it is very dangerous for the heart.

Reported by The Telegraph, scientists are still looking for a cause why ibuprofen painkillers can increase the risk of heart attack. Whether the patient has previously had a complaint about their heart and then taken the drug or the immediate effect of the drug on the patient’s heart.

Heart attack conditions usually begin with a lack of blood supply that contains various things that are needed to the heart. As a result, the patient will shortness of breath, and appear excessive anxiety.


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