Danger of Urinary Tract Infection in Pregnant Women

urinary tract infection pregnant women

Women are more susceptible to urinary tract infection (UTI) than men. The reason, women have wider urinary tract and easy to reach by germs rather than belong to men who tend to narrow. The case of UTI should be treated as soon as it can spread to other organs such as the kidneys.

The case of UTI is riskier if experienced by a pregnant woman. The victim is not only the mother but also affects the fetus. Germs can infect the fetus and end up with death in the womb. This is what has just happened to the wife of Indra Bekti, Aldilla Jelita, who lost the baby at the age of five months due to infection of UTI germs.

According to data from the Urinary Tract Infections During Pregnancy study, the number of pregnant women with UTI is 8 percent. One of the triggers is the increased volume of the bladder with a decrease in shape. This makes the urine contained in the bladder that can trigger the presence of bacteria.

Quoted from the page Okezone, pregnant women who get UTI at risk of serious complications in herself and the fetus. Bacteria that appear generally only known after the patient felt a complaint. This UTI also triggers premature birth. Marjorie Greenfield, MD, obstetrician and gynecologist, revealed that amniotic fluid could rupture early because of the influence of group B streptococcal bacteria.

This type of bacteria attacks at least 5 percent of UTI cases in pregnant women. Patients who are exposed to this infection should get immediate treatment such as antibiotics. Delay in treatment can lead to pyelonephritis, i.e., UTI germs have begun to attack the kidneys. Symptoms of bacteria have reached the kidney, among others, fever, low back pain, until the body shivered.

This UTI attack also affects infant growth. Babies may experience growth delays and are at increased risk of pneumonia. This is experienced by infants who at birth were infected with B-type streptococcal bacteria from their mother.

UTI disease can be prevented by drinking enough water every day. Also do not hold pee, especially before and after sex.


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