Don’t Ignore Health Nutrition Problems, Long-Term Hazards Can Occur

health nutrition problems

Humans eat not only to be satisfied but more important is that the nutritional needs can be met. This is often overlooked and bad for your health in the long run.

Nutrition is ammunition for the development and growth of the body associated with organs such as brain, heart, muscle, and others. The quality of self is also slightly influenced by the nutrients consumed.

Many body conditions that reflect the low quality of nutrients consumed by a person, such as short body, thin, weak, less intelligent, suffering from certain diseases, and more. This condition is still widely found in the homeland, so the problem of nutrition should not be underestimated.

According to the Head of the Department of Nutrition Medicine Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital Dr. dr Fiastuti Witjaksono MS MSc SpGK (K), in a fertile and rich country like Indonesia, unfortunately, malnutrition problems are still common.

The reason is the lack of knowledge about the fulfillment of nutrition since infants, toddlers to adults.

“The people of Indonesia have not realized the importance of nutrition for health, while every nutritional status problem has its own risk,” said Fiastuti as reported by Sindonews page.

Malnutrition is harmful to one’s future, especially in health. Lack of nutrition can trigger the emergence of some chronic diseases.

If it happens since childhood it will decrease the cognitive level, difficulty concentrating and learning in school. Physical growth is not maximal also sickly.

As adults, nutritional problems can trigger diseases such as anemia.

“Nutritional problems can also cause vitamin A deficiency that can cause eye disorders, body resistance, and growth,” she added.

Therefore, nutritional problems should not be underestimated because of its enormous influence on the quality of life.


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