Drinking Cough Syrup Medicine is Not Proven to Cure

cough syrup medicine

According to research, cough medicine in the form of syrup is not proven effective to eliminate the disease, as reported by Health page, Friday (12/5). This was revealed in the study of antitussive drugs such as Dextromethorphan (DM or DXM), decongestants, and antihistamines that are widely used in the manufacture of cough syrup.

Although not denied, the theory is indeed the three materials are said to block a cough (Dextromethorphan), launching the respiratory tract (decongestants) and reduce swelling of the nose and throat (antihistamines).

Some studies have found no evidence of cure caused by cough syrup consumption.

To eliminate a cough, the suggestion from scientists is simple. In addition to medicine consumption then you also have to drink a lot, take a steam bath and suck nose inhaler and special candy cough reliever. Drinking honey and lemon juice is also good and recommended.

Scientists also say that cough syrup medicine is only useful to make sleepy and sleep for more rest. Even according to them, children under four years should not be given this syrup medicine. The reason, sometimes adults give more than the dose for reasons of a cough does not go away.

Children are more advised to consume honey, drink more fruit juice, milk, and other fluids and nutritious foods to boost the immune system. Give candy reliever cough if they have an uncontrolled cough. Do not give antibiotics if not recommended. Furthermore, consultation with the doctor will be better. May be useful.



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