Chicken Skin Should Not Be Thrown Away Because There Are Benefits

chicken skin benefits

The belief that chicken skins store a lot of fat that can increase cholesterol levels in the blood makes a lot of people throw away the food. It is not wrong that the skin contains more fat than the meat, but there are also benefits stored therein.

According to Sheena Smith, a naturopath and clinical nutritionist, chicken skin stores the same omega-6 fatty acids as meat. Even compared to other animal flesh, these nutrients are mostly owned by skin and chicken meat.

Quoting from the Scmp page, the nutritional content will be the maximum benefit for the body if the processing is correct. You are advised not to fry until dry or deep frying.

A nutritionist from Singapore, Susie Rucker also suggested cultivating chicken and the skin with proper, so it remains nutritious when consumed. According to her, chicken skin consumption is also beneficial as long as the portion and the way of presentation are appropriate, not excessive.

Processing or cooking chicken that tastes the most delicious is recommended by boiling, steamed, or baked. Cook until half cooked, no exaggeration especially until charred.

Frying is actually allowed, as long as the frying is not up to too long and can damage the omega-6 fatty acids and other nutrients that are in the skin of the chicken and chicken meat. Fry it until it’s brownish and uses a little oil. May be useful.


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