Due to Eating Lychees, 100 Children in India Died

eating lychees

The shocking incident occurred in Northern India, the sudden death of approximately 100 children who had previously suffered a mysterious illness. Scientists from the country who was assisted by American scientists finally managed to solve the cause, namely the substances contained by the fruit lychee.

The children were known to eat lychee before consuming anything, then experienced seizures and fainting. The incident did not happen simultaneously but lasted for two decades.

Researchers and doctors were confused, what exactly experienced by children who died suddenly without suffering from serious illness before. Lychee fruit itself is not suspected as the cause because the fruit is commonly consumed by humans and non-toxic.

In the Bihar region, where most of the victims died, researchers finally managed to uncover the cause of the death of the poor children. The results published by the medical journal The Lancet wrote that there is a possibility that the children were poisoned by the fruit lychees consumed in an empty stomach condition.

The conclusion was taken because researchers see that many children who died from the fruit-producing region of lychees. Generally, they pick up lychees that have fallen from the tree and eat them.

In the fruit, there is a substance that inhibits the body to produce glucose, which is the energy substance for humans. Due to the low glucose of the children’s body or known low blood sugar hypoglycemia, plus before they have not eaten, then the body has a seizure.

The children also generally suffer from acute swelling in the brain after seizures and fainting. Events will be faster if they eat large amounts of lychees.

According to researchers, the incident is similar to an outbreak of disease that has occurred in children in the Caribbean. Outbreaks are caused by ackee fruit containing hypoglycin, a plant poison that does not really affect adults.

Reported by the BBC page, the study found that the fruit lychee also contains hypoglycin.

As a result, Indian medics now provide guidance to parents to feed their children well and not let their children eat excessive lychees.


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