5 Characteristics of High Cholesterol That Will Be Seen on the Feet

characteristics of high cholesterol

High cholesterol levels can be detected through the condition of the foot. It would be more accurate to check the condition of cholesterol in the laboratory, but for more practical and easy, consider a few signs that are visible on your feet.

High cholesterol will usually make the arteries of the plaque buildup, so it becomes narrow and inhibits blood flow in the body. Reported by the Health Line page, David Slovut, MD, director of interventional therapies at Montefiore Medical Center provides the following information, a sign that your cholesterol is high, which appears at the feet =

  1. Pain.
    The leg will experience pain and stiffness and fatigue when used to move. Though you previously did not walk far or do other foot activities. This sign in the foot arteries occurs blockage of plaque or cholesterol.
  2. Cramps.
    Feet cramps and stiffness on the heels, front legs, and can also be followed by leg cramps. This condition is generally felt at night during sleep.
  3. Nail skin change color.
    Will be changes in skin and nail color, becoming darker. Nails hardens and thick, and growth is slow. The skin will be thickened in some parts of the foot.
  4. Cold.
    Feet will feel cold because the blood circulation in the section is not smooth. If you touch the legs will feel cold.
  5. Calf muscle shrink.
    Due to the inadequate blood circulation, the muscle development in the calf is also affected. Calf muscles may change small, or often called atrophy or shrink.

Immediately consult a doctor if this condition occurs to you.


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