Characteristics That is Easily Detected When the Immune System is Low

characteristics immune system

When your immune system is down and weak, you will be easily sick if there is a virus or bacteria that attack. Therefore, this natural immunity should always be maintained by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and positive thinking and enough rest.

In addition, health experts recommend drinking enough water to hydrate the body so as not to decrease the immune system. Consumption of fruit rich in antioxidants and fresh vegetables also can help.

To detect a declining immune system, there are some signs that will be visible. This needs to be observed because at that moment the condition of the body is vulnerable to illness. Here are some characteristics that appear when immunity is low =

  1. Easily tired.
    Page Boldsky reports that one of the most visible signs is that you will easily experience fatigue. A little activity is enough to make you tired and unable to do other activities.
  2. Frequent cold and cough.
    Your body temperature will easily drop to feel cold. In addition, sometimes a small cough will occur.
  3. Allergy.
    This is the body’s defense system that responds to the presence of substances that are harmful to the body itself. For example, when it is cold then you will experience itching. This reaction actually indicates that your immune system is reacting to change.
  4. Dehydration.
    Lack of fluid can quickly lower the immune system. But if you have enough drink and still dehydrated, immediately consult a doctor.
  5. Swollen lymph glands.
    The immune system is also often detected through the lymph node state. If there is swelling, this is a sign of infection, and the immune system is low. May be useful.

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