Canker Sores Can Be Healed with Coffee Powder

canker sores coffee powder

Canker sores is a wound that occurs in the mouth, very disturbing and painful. Eating and drinking are uncomfortable because of the sores. Even to speak is not easy because friction alone can cause unimaginable pain.

Some of the causes of canker sores are due to lack of vitamin C, less maintain mouth cleansing, bitten, hot food, stress, and others.

Treating canker sores also takes time, because it cannot heal in just one or two days. But do not worry, with the right medicine then pain in the mouth pain can be resolved soon. One easy and inexpensive remedy to overcome is to use pure coffee.

Reported by the Vemale page, this method is quite effective to dry the wound and heal canker sores. How to, first grab a pure coffee and apply on the wound. Let stand a few minutes, then you can rinse to remove the rest of the coffee.

Repeat three times a day and within about 2-3 days your wound no longer experience pain and heal faster. Good luck and do not forget to eat lots of fruit that contain vitamin C and fiber.

Diligent cleaning the mouth and teeth from dirt and germs can help to keep the canker sores is not easy to happen again. May be useful.


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