5 Causes Why Urine is Very Smelly

urine very smelly

Indeed, urine will smell bad, because transporting dirt and garbage from the body out. But sometimes there are conditions that trigger the scent becomes stronger, to the extent that people who smell it can vomit because they cannot stand.

What are the factors causing unpleasant smells in urine to double? Here is the information quoted by Boldsky page =

  1. Diabetes.
    Diseases such as diabetes make the process of filtering the liquid waste so imperfect and trigger the smell. In people with diabetes, sometimes there is a sweet smell mixed with odor.
  2. Dehydration.
    Dehydration or lack of fluids from lack of drinking also causes the urine to be very smelly. Dirt and dense waste cannot be completely thrown away, due to the fluid that you drink a little.
  3. Infection.
    There is an infection in the body or in the urinary tract that triggers an unnatural odor. The infection can be caused by bacteria or fungi. You who like to hold urine is usually also susceptible to urinary tract infections, and urine smelly.
  4. Consumption of multivitamins.
    Various types of multivitamins that you consume also be the source of the smell of urine smells more. Especially if you drink less water.
  5. Certain foods.
    Certain foods that have a strong aroma and you have just consumed can trigger the emergence of the odor problem. For example onion, garlic, banana, jengkol, and others.
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