Instant Noodle Spice Can Trigger Cancer, This is the Explanation

instant noodle spice cancer

Instant noodles have penetrated into various countries today, not only the Asian region that is fond of this practical food. But there is an opinion that mentions that the spice of instant noodles containing MSG (monosodium glutamate) can be a trigger cancer.

What is the reason raised by that opinion? According to that opinion, MSG cooked at temperatures over 120 degrees Celsius will change its chemical bonding structure into a toxic substance.

Furthermore, if cooked with a temperature of more than 150 degrees Celsius then potentially a trigger cancer.

However that if you cook instant noodle spice there. While usually suggestions on the presentation of instant noodle wrapper are cooked the noodles alone. Spices are only mixed after the noodles are soft and not cooked.

In fact, as long as there is still no scientific research evidence stating that instant noodles and MSG spice are a trigger cancer. Conversely, cancer is a disease that can arise due to various triggers. Written in several research results, the cause of cancer is a genetic mutation, heredity, cigarettes, alcohol, sunlight, radiation, viruses, even infections.

However, do not feel safe consuming instant noodles often because of the fact it contains large amounts of calories while the nutrients are small.

Instant noodles are also proven to be associated with metabolic diseases and cause central obesity (stomach), hypertension, diabetes, and heart attacks.


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