Apparently Autoimmune Disease More Experienced by Women

autoimmune disease women

Autoimmune disease is a condition when a person’s immune system can no longer distinguish real enemies, it attacks the healthy cells to become sick. Though the true task of the immune system is to attack bacteria or germs that exist in the body.

Women are suffering from the largest autoimmune disease, three times more than men. For example, for lupus disease, women also have a risk of nine times greater than men.

Generally, in many cases of autoimmune diseases, women experience the first symptoms after or during pregnancy. Extreme conditions of hormonal changes are the trigger for this.

Reported by the Prevention page, it takes a long time for the doctor to diagnose that a person is experiencing an autoimmune disease. This is because the disease is clever disguise by attacking healthy cells, so most doctors only treat symptoms that are visible.

Here are some factors that trigger a person to have the possibility of autoimmune disease =

  • Family history.
    Genetically, this disease can be passed on to offspring. For example, lupus and multiple sclerosis. Your mom may have lupus, and you have autoimmune disease.
  • Married to celiac patients.
    If a woman is married to a man with celiac disease (Crohn, rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus), then your chances of contracting autoimmune disease become greater.
  • Ethnicity.
    Some ethnicities are more likely to experience the disease, including African-American, Latino, Asian, or Native American.
  • Growing to another type.
    If you have lupus or psoriasis, then there is a possibility you will develop it into other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. May be useful.

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