The Best Time to Bathe According to Experts

best time to bathe

Baths must be routinely done so that the body becomes clean of germs, dirt, and bacteria that cause disease. According to experts who work as clinical professors of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine, Mona Gohara, the best shower performed in the morning.

This is also a means of meditation to prepare for the day’s activities and raise awareness.

“This self-awareness (mindfulness) can reduce inflammation in the skin because it keeps the hormone cortisol remains bound,” she said as reported by the Daily Star page.

For those living in a tropical country, bathing in the morning is a generality. But for people living in a country with four seasons, the habit of bathing in the morning still becomes a debate.

Another opinion expressed by the founder Skin Laundry, Yen Reis is similar to Mona’s opinion of a morning shower. According to her, the skin in the morning is still in its best condition after resting.

“Preparation of free radicals, the sun, dirt, and pollution so the skin should be stimulated before we step out of the house,” she said.

According to her, the recommended water is warm temperatures.

But other experts argue that the best shower is at night before bed. This benefit is to help the quality of sleep increased, more soundly and clean from various dirt after a day of activity.

“The skin will naturally peel and renew itself at night,” said Mona.

So beforehand should be cleaned first so that the skin regeneration process goes well. In conclusion, bathing is recommended to be done in the morning and evening, to be more healthy and clean.


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