Beware 8 Early Signs of Kidney Failure Disease

early signs of kidney failure

Almost all the diseases before it reaches the severe phase then it has already shown early signs or early symptoms. Including kidney disease that is often not aware of its appearance and too late handled. If it is severe, the treatment will be more complicated and expensive and consume time and energy.

In order not to be late treated, be aware of the initial signs of the kidney failure. Reported by Boldsky page, this early symptom of kidney failure =

  1. Itchy skin.
    Kidney failure in removing toxic residual digestion makes toxins accumulate and cause itching in the skin. Skin surface looks dull, dry and experiences a rash.
  2. Nauseous vomit.
    Remnants that contain toxic waste and cannot be processed by the kidney also cause nausea and vomiting. This is because the blood is contaminated by the poison and the body is trying to get rid of it.
  3. Frequent urination.
    You are more often woke up at night to urinate than when still healthy.
  4. Blood mixed with urine.
    The inability of the kidneys to filter out the dirt from the blood, making the blood sometimes also carried in the urine. You can see it while urinating. If this happens, immediately go to the medical party.
  5. Often tired.
    You will feel tired faster, weaker, and less energetic. This is because the function of blood cleansing is not maximal, the blood becomes dirty, and the energy processing from the food is not maximal. You can also experience anemia.
  6. Muscle cramp.
    Muscles include organs that feel the lack of electrolytes and energy due to insufficient kidney work. The result, muscles often experience cramps and pain. Low levels of calcium and phosphorus also cause it.
  7. Foamy urine.
    When urinating then the visible presence of excessive foam or bubbles. That’s because the amount of imperfect protein is processed by the kidneys. This is also a major sign of kidney disease, high levels of protein in the urine.
  8. Swollen feet and hands.
    This is due to the accumulation of sodium in that part of the body, which absorbs fluid. Sodium accumulates because the kidneys cannot get rid of it through the urine.

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