10 Diseases That Can Appear Due to Obesity

diseases appear due to obesity

By definition, a person is said to be obese when the amount of fat in the body is experiencing excess according to the ideal size. Men are said to be obese when their body fat reach a minimum excess 25 percent from ideal size. While in women, obesity is called if the amount of fat reaches more than 30 percent from ideal size.

However, regardless of your weight increase and cause obesity, all have a negative effect on health. Because obesity triggers various diseases in the body. Quoted by the Times of India, there are at least 10 diseases that arise from a person’s condition who are overweight =

  1. Diabetes type 2.
    Many studies reveal that obesity associated with diabetes risk. In fact, if you’ve got this disease then can spread to experience more serious complications of the disease. Such as heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage that leads to amputation.
  2. Heart attack.
    Fat in the body can cover the blood vessels of the heart. It then causes coronary heart attacks.
  3. Hypertension.
    Obese people tend to have high blood pressure. This could be addressed by reducing weight and exercise.
  4. Sleep apnea.
    The sign is hard to sleep well and like snoring while sleeping. It is a breathing disorder that makes airways seemed to stop a few times when asleep. Sleep apnea is associated with the occurrence of hypertension, heart failure, and other diseases.
  5. Uric acid.
    Obese people are four times more at risk of experiencing uric acid or gout. This disease attacks the joints that caused high levels of purines in the joints. Joints can be swollen, red, and painful. Reducing weight can be one solution.
  6. High cholesterol.
    Obesity tends to trigger high bad cholesterol (LDL) than the good cholesterol (HDL). The amount of bad cholesterol causes cardiovascular disease and stroke.
  7. GERD or acid reflux.
    Obesity increase the reflux due to abdominal fat put pressure on the ring of muscles that exist below the esophagus. The size of this ring tube about 10 inches that connect the throat to the stomach. In conditions, not obesity, its function to prevent the return of stomach acid into the esophagus.
  8. Osteoarthritis.
    Excess weight causes the joints experiencing excessive pressure to sustain the body. As a result, it is possible the joints have osteoarthritis that will damage it in the long run.
  9. Cancer.
    Obesity has an important role in the formation of active cancer cells. And, the risk of cancer that is often found in the obese body is colon cancer, breast cancer, and throat cancer.
  10. Heart failure.
    Increased body mass index is associated with an increased risk of heart failure.

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