Turmeric Milk, Weapons to Strengthen Immune System in the Rainy Season

turmeric milk

The rainy season is at its peak, sometimes the puddle of water rises up into the house, making the immune system decline. Of course, it would be more difficult if at that moment even the body cannot be compromised and sick. The solution, try you drink turmeric milk.

Turmeric milk is easy to make, only milk is given turmeric and consumed in a warm state. But do not underestimate the efficacy of these drinks, because it can help improve endurance in the face of flu, colds, dizziness, and respiratory infections.

In turmeric there are anti-bacterial, and anti-virus so effectively increases the body’s resistance to their attacks. There is also an anti-inflammatory that relieves the symptoms of pain. Drink before bed so that the usefulness more easily absorbed by the body.

Reported by the Natural Living Ideas page, here are other benefits of turmeric milk for your health =

  • Relieves headaches.
    When the head feels dizzy and painful, drinking hot turmeric milk helps to relax the nerves and relieve the pain. In fact, it also reduces stress, and improve blood circulation. Add honey to taste more delicious and nutritious.
  • Raises the immune system.
    The immune system can be improved with this herb. For children, the benefits can also be used to deal with smallpox and measles viruses.
  • Stay young.
    Turmeric milk is also good for women, who want to stay healthy and youthful. Turmeric is well known in caring for skin beauty and counteracting free radicals. So do not hesitate to consume when the body is in need of many nutrients.

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