Papaya Leaf Extract Can Increase Platelets During Dengue

papaya leaf extract

The use of papaya leaf extract to increase the number of platelet in the blood has passed the research stage. Even in practice, in everyday life also many who have done it when dengue fever (DHF) occurs.

This is an alternative therapy that is easy to do and without risk, because it can be run along with medical treatment.

Papaya has active substances that can be used to overcome some health problems. The substance is papain and chymopapain, which became the object of research.

Researchers believe that the benefits of these two substances one of them is to increase platelets of DHF patients.

“I have suggested the use of papaya extract for my patients as an alternative therapy along with conventional treatment of DHF,” said Prof. D Narasimhlu from Kurnool Medical College.

But he realizes that there is no clear scientific data related to it, although research has been done.

Use of papaya leaf extract to increase platelets can be done if the platelet count is still above 50.300. For normal platelet counts, the adult is 150,000-450,000.

While platelets below 50,300 are not recommended because of the need for faster medical help for increased numbers.

The study involved 80 patients with low platelet conditions due to various diseases. They were given 25 ml of papaya extract three times a day, in five days.

The results of their blood samples on the fifth day were collected, then compared with the first day. Written in the journal Department of Public Medicine at Osmania General Medicine, there is a significant increase in the number of their platelets. Excerpted from Thehindu page.


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