Cause Menstrual Period Sometimes Come Faster or Slower

menstrual period faster slower

Menstrual periods can sometimes come faster, or slower than schedules. Why is that so? Is it a sign that the health of the body is decreasing or there is a problem with the female reproductive organs? Do not panic first. Let’s find out information about what might happen when the menstrual period comes faster.

Normal menstrual cycle commonly experienced by women is 28 days, calculated from the beginning of the menstrual period until coming next menstruation. Reported by the page The Health Site, is still quite normal if menstruation comes early or slower a few days.

Dr. Maya Lula, Obstetric Consultant at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital India, explained that the normal short cycle experienced by women is 21 days. As for the long cycle, can reach 35 days and it is still normal.

If the forward or backward 5-7 days from the 28-day cycle, you do not have to worry too much. However, if more than that time, then you should immediately contact your obstetrician or other medical parties.

It is necessary for women to record when menstruation comes, and to calculate whether her menstruation is still normal or not. By taking notes, you can monitor your own reproductive health.

Progressive or delayed menstrual periods are generally caused by a mental state, while stress or depression can affect the arrival. During stress, your hormonal balance will be disturbed.

Can also be triggered by the use of contraceptives such as birth control pills or injections. But as long as it is within a safe distance, it does not need to worry about it.


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