Hidden Dangers When Cleaning Teeth with a Toothpick

cleaning teeth with toothpick

Toothpicks are a help in the occurrence of food that slips between teeth. Seen at a glance, wearing a toothpick usually made of bamboo, will not cause any harm. But there are some hidden health risks behind the habit of cleaning up leftovers with it.

Dentists are more advised to brush your teeth or use dental floss as a safe way to clean up leftovers in the mouth. Here’s why the use of toothpicks should not be too frequent =

  • Toothbrasion.
    Slow dental asthma can occur when you wear a toothpick. The erosion is getting worse, causing a hole or porous. Especially if you force a toothpick into the tooth gap with a strong force.
  • Gum hurts.
    Not infrequently, sharp toothpicks cause gum bleeding. Over time, this can lead to inflammation of the gums and other gum diseases. Especially if there are bacteria and germs that enter into the wound.
  • Teeth become tenuous.
    Believe it or not, dental density can be reduced if you often use a toothpick. Especially if the position of teeth that often tucked food does not change. The result, the teeth become tenuous and more food will be tucked in there.
  • The enamel is broken.
    Enamel or outer layer of teeth can be damaged if you often gouge food scraps with toothpicks. If damaged then the teeth will feel pain when drinking ice, because the protective layer is eroded.

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