Causes of the Butt Often Experience Itching

butt often experience itching

Ever experience the itching that often hit the buttocks? Somewhat embarrassed when scratching it, especially if it was in a public place. What exactly causes the butt is often itching uncomfortable?

Let’s see some of the causes of the butt itch, as quoted from the page Boldsky following =

  • Less clean.
    As part of the body is often closed and lack of adequate air circulation, buttocks are vulnerable inhabited by bacteria and germs. Especially if you do not keep clean, especially in the anus. No wonder if the itching often occurs.
  • Parasite.
    Wet and dirty conditions cause parasites such as worms are also easy to live on the buttocks. This triggers the itching, especially in children. You can overcome by taking the worm medicine immediately.
  • Food.
    Some foods can cause itchiness to appear, such as spicy foods, drink milk, grapefruit or oranges.
  • Skinache.
    Skin diseases such as Seborrheic Dermatitis cause the skin around the buttock to become scaly and dry, causing itching. There is also a fungal disorder, which grows due to the skin that is often moist due to not drain the area after a bowel movement or urination.
  • Hemorrhoids.
    Hemorrhoids can cause itching, especially in the anal area. This disease should be treated immediately so as not to continue and cause surgery.
  • Sexually transmitted disease.
    There are types of sexually transmitted diseases that also cause itching, so it needs to be consulted to the doctor for treatment. Usually, there are symptoms such as red skin, inflamed, like a lump, and sore. May be useful.

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