How to Prevent Toothache with Simple Steps

how to prevent toothache

A toothache is very torturous, especially coupled with the pain and headaches that usually accompany. The condition is generally triggered by tooth decay, infection gum, and other problems.

Advice from the medical side to maintain dental health and prevent the onset of dental pain is to reduce the drinking sour taste and check the teeth regularly to the doctor every six months.

In addition, Saurabh Gupta, a prosthetic and dental surgeon at SouthEx Dental, New Delhi also gave some suggestions to facilitate the dental cleaning process. Here is a simple step to do to clean and prevent a toothache as reported by the Indian Express page =

A dental floss is a cleaning tool between teeth that can be used every night before bed. This helps to remove dirt that cannot disappear with a brush only.

Wear toothpaste that contains fluoride, because it will strengthen tooth enamel and close the super small holes that will trigger a sore tooth if it is enlarged. Reduce beverages that contain acid, also caffeine such as coffee and tea, fruit juice packaging, orange juice, and sugary foods.

Clean the tartar that began to grow between the teeth regularly, so that germs and bacteria have no place to hide. Visit the dentist to patch the holes on the tooth surface as early as possible.

If you wear removable dentures, then avoid wearing toothpaste when brushing. Just use a toothbrush and water to clean it, and remove it first from the mouth. May be useful.


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