7 Early Stage Cancer Symptoms to Look Out for

early stage cancer symptoms

The possibility to recover from cancer will be greater if handled as early as possible in the early stages. But not everyone can know that they are suffering from this horrible disease because the symptoms are not conspicuous.

Well, to know is what are the symptoms of early cancer so that you can immediately perform a further examination to the hospital before it’s too late.

Here are 7 of the symptoms, as reported by Boldsky page =

  1. Bumps under the skin.
    It usually appears in breast cancer or skin cancer. If you feel something that is not usually under the skin, lumps that previously did not exist, immediately check.
  2. Itchy.
    Not usually you experience itching in some parts of the body. This is because the body regards cancer as a foreign body and the immune system will fight it. White blood cells gather more in locations where there is cancer, and trigger itching and warm skin.
  3. The wound is hard to heal.
    There are injuries in the body that are difficult to recover or long healed.
  4. Bumps on tongue and mouth.
    If there is a white lump in the mouth and throat that is not normal then immediately see a doctor.
  5. Feces bloody.
    There is blood in the stool, a sign of wounds in the digestive or intestinal tract. It’s also a sign of blood cancer or colon cancer.
  6. Urine changed.
    The color of urine turns neither clear nor yellow as normal. It can be red, and foamy and smells sting.
  7. A cough does not heal.
    These symptoms usually appear if there is cancer of the esophagus, stomach, lung, or throat. Coughing can last a long time despite being treated.

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