Female Smokers Can Experience Early Menopause

female smokers early menopause

Bad news for female smokers, because the latest study reveals that menopause they can experience 4 years faster than non-smokers. This is certainly terrible, and not expected by the majority of women.

Smoking habits affect the menstrual cycle, as written by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Unfortunately, only a few women who understand and realize it.

It is caused by toxins in cigarettes such as nicotine, cyanide, and carbon monoxide, which affects the production of egg cells. Long-term, the egg cell production will stop at all and die.

The bad risks are explained by Frederick Naftolin, MD, Ph.D., an ob-gyn from NYU Langone’s school of medicine. According to him, if the egg is dead and no longer produces, it will not be regenerated. As a result, early menopause can be experienced by women.

In addition to the smoking habit that triggers early menopause, too much exercise also causes the condition to occur.

The explanation of Sherry Ross, M.D ob-gyn doctor from Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, excessive exercise can trigger hormonal imbalances.

Due to the production of hormones that are not balanced, the ovulation becomes irregular and the period is also irregular also. That’s what causes early menopause can occur, as reported by Women’s Health page.


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