Adverse Effects of Over Sleep for More Than 8 Hours

over sleep more than 8 hours

Anything excessive certainly will not have a positive effect, including overdose sleep. Ideally, humans need to sleep for 8 hours per day, to restore freshness and fitness condition of the body.

If more than 8 hours per day you sleep and it is often done, then there are some bad effects that will be felt on the body. A study conducted by Boston University reveals what are the bad possibilities that will happen to your health, as reported by the Web MD page =

  1. Diabetes.
    This disease of high blood sugar or diabetes is one of the effects of excess sleep, and also a lack of sleep. Generally what will arise is type 2 diabetes, with symptoms often experienced sleep apnea or respiratory disturbed and snoring.
  2. Obesity.
    The study found that the likelihood of a person suffering from diabetes would rise 21 percent if sleeping more than nine hours per day. But this is also influenced by the food intake factor.
  3. Headache.
    A headache is the most effect experienced by those who sleep excessively. According to scientists, this is because the nerve cells that carry the neurons in the brain are disrupted. Not just headaches, you can also suffer brain memory damage.
  4. Back pain.
    This happens due to the wrong sleep position, the shape of the mattress is not ideal anymore, and various other technical factors. Gravitational factors also affect, because ideally humans do activities to make bones become more healthy.
  5. Depression.
    Overdose sleep also triggers depression. Just like if you are sleep deprived. These conditions can spread to decreased immunity, loss of appetite, heart disease, and others. May be useful.

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