Diet Soda Drinks Can Be at Risk of Causing a Stroke

diet soda drinks stroke

Usually, diet soda (diet coke) is considered safe for consumption in large quantities because of low sugar content. Whereas a study from Boston University mentions that accustomed to consuming diet drink can trigger stroke and dementia.

It was known after the researchers conducted a study involving 4,400 people in London. Another conclusion, drinks that do not label as a diet drink and contain sugar instead found no relation to stroke and dementia.

Why can diet drinks trigger such severe illness? The answer from the researchers is because of the artificial sweetener content. Generally, diet drinks use sweetener type aspartame and saccharine. It is thought that these artificial sweeteners cause the blood vessels to be affected and in the long run trigger stroke and dementia.

The study, published in the journal American Heart Association Stroke, also mentions that diet soda is not 100% help to lose weight.

“We still need further research, by looking at how often people drink artificial flavored drinks,” said Matthew Pase, a scientist from the Department of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine as reported by the Daily Mail page.

The results of the study became one reason scientists to advise everyone not to consume more drinks with artificial sweeteners and original sweetener. More to drink water for health and a successful diet.


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