Rice is Often a Trigger for Diabetes, This is the Cause

rice trigger for diabetes

Rice is often used as a scapegoat of rising blood sugar levels, so many trigger diabetes. When viewed again, rice is the staple food of the people in this country, which is consumed from the morning, noon to night. Yes, cannot be denied if there is a mention of rice as a trigger of diabetes.

Research results in several Asian countries also mentioned that consumption of rice could increase a person’s risk of diabetes. That is if the portion is excessive, of course.

Why? Because the portion of rice is too much to trigger the occurrence of blood sugar spikes in an instant. If the body often has a high blood sugar rise in a short time, then there will be insulin resistance in the body. Insulin resistance is what causes diabetes.

So as long as the consumption of rice is still in the normal amount, according to the needs and the ability of the body to process and digest it, it is not dangerous.

Daily carbohydrate portion needed by the body is approximately 50-60 percent of the total intake of whole foods. So the balance is 20-30 percent fat, 10-20 percent protein, and the rest of other foods.

In fact, today people like to multiply carbohydrate intake compared to other food sources. The result is the intake of rice as a source of carbohydrate is much higher than normal and healthy limits.

Another fact, carbohydrates from non-rice sources are often not counted, such as cakes, sweet drinks, noodles, bread, and others. Although already consumed, still rice eaten back with a large portion. No wonder if diabetes becomes a disease that is often experienced in this country.


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